Check Engine Light in Diamond Bar, CA

You may have recently noticed your check engine light is on. Usually, it’s not an urgent problem, but it’s still a good idea to get it checked out as quickly as possible. At Honest-1 Auto Care in Diamond Bar, CA, our technicians can inspect and detect the issue with professional vehicle diagnostics, and get it taken care of—often right then and there.

Causes of Check Engine Light Displaying

Reasons your engine light is on could include the following:


  • Gas cap is loose, damaged or missing—without it, you can lose fuel through evaporation, resulting in more trips to the gas pump.

  • Mass airflow sensor or MAF needs to be replaced—a damaged or faulty sensor can cause damage to spark plugs, as well as the O2 sensors and catalytic converter.

  • O2 sensor (your oxygen sensor) needs replacing—you could burn more fuel without fixing it, and lose up to 40% of fuel economy; a faulty sensor can also cause damage to your spark plugs and catalytic converter, which could end up being costly.

  • Catalytic converter needs replacing (likely due to neglect)—not replacing it means your vehicle will not pass emissions testing, and your performance and fuel economy will be reduced.

  • Spark plugs or plug wire damage—you will experience poor performance (reduced power, engine misfiring) with reduced fuel economy, if not replaced.


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When you choose Honest-1 Auto Care in Diamond Bar, CA for your check engine light, you can have peace of mind that you are getting optimal service. We built our business on being honest and forthright with all our customers, ensuring they get our best.

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