5 8/10/2018

Always great service and Henry and his are a big asset to Honest 1 !,

5 8/8/2018

Very friendly and trusting

5 8/8/2018

Great job on a difficult power steering system repair. Very professional customer service from all involved. Will be coming back again.

5 8/1/2018

Honest 1 Diamond Bar comes through again! Great services in a truly timely manner provided once again! Thanks to the team at Honestv1 Diamond Bar!

5 7/31/2018

The most helpful mechanics I’ve ever dealt with. I hate when it’s time to get work done on my car. It’s always an arm and a leg.. kidneys and first born. My car randomly started shaking vigorously.. The guys down here helped me get it done within an hour or 2 and I got to keep all my limbs! Thank you so much for all of your help!

5 7/23/2018

The service here is always great and professional.

5 7/21/2018

Great service and very professional. Yes I would recommend anyone to go there.. 100% satisfied.

5 7/20/2018

The guys at Honest-1 Auto Care are great! They always help me when there is a problem with my car. They are take good care of me and make sure my car is safe. I am grateful to have them as my mechanics. Highly recommended!

5 7/19/2018

Absolutely fantastic.

5 7/16/2018

Always Amazing Service! Above and beyond expectation♥️👌🏽